Metallography Canada Secotom-50 Struers Saw Metallography Equipment 1


Citopress-5 Struers Metallography Canada

Hot & Cold Mounting

Metallography Canada TegraPol-35 Struers Polisher Metallographic Equipment 1


Duramin A-300 Struers Hardness Testing Microscopy Metallography Equipment 1

Hardness Testing, Microscopy

Metallography Canada Struers Accessories Metallography Equipment Sales Materials Testing Lab Ontario

Struers Accessories

Metallography Canada Consumables Metallography Equipment Sales Materials Testing Lab Ontario


Premium Used Metallography Equipment
Metallography Canada

Top-Notch New and Old-Stock Premium Consumables

Welcome to Metallography Canada, your one-stop destination for premium, used metallography equipment and new (including old-stock or open-box) premium consumables.  We take pride in providing top-notch products for your metallographic laboratory needs.

All items are in our inventory!

We do not sell on consignment.  Our inventory is physically in our warehouses.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Our 30-Day Warranty

Our 30-day warranty ensures your satisfaction and peace of mind. 

Laboratory-Tested Equipment for Reliable Performance

All of our equipment is tested in a laboratory environment before shipping. 

Global Shipping for Easy Access Worldwide

Ready-to-Ship Inventory for Faster Equipment Delivery

We offer worldwide shipping. In today’s logistics reality of long OEM lead-times, Metallography Canada stands out with our ready-to-ship inventory, ensuring you get your equipment quickly.

Create Your Lab on a Budget with Significant Savings

Save significantly and set up your lab at a fraction of the cost of buying new.


Join Our Satisfied Customers and Discover the Value of Metallography Canada.

Metallography Canada, your premier destination for high-quality used and new metallography equipment.  Explore our extensive inventory featuring renowned brands such as Struers, Buehler, and more.  Browse our selection of premium, pre-owned mounting equipment.  We have a ready-to-ship worldwide selection to meet your diverse needs.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every piece of used equipment, including polishers, mounting presses, saws, hardness testing equipment, and microscopy tools, undergoes rigorous inspection, guaranteeing reliability and performance.  At Metallography Canada, we understand the importance of precision in metallography processes, and our meticulously curated inventory reflects that dedication.

Browse our user-friendly website to discover a diverse range of metallography equipment, from cutting-edge machines to trusted classics, including polishers, mounting presses, saws, hardness testing equipment, microscopy tools, and various accessories and consumables. We pride ourselves on great communication, making it easy for you to find the equipment you need.

Our global shipping capabilities ensure that customers worldwide can access our premium inventory of used metallography equipment, including polishers, mounting presses, saws, hardness testing tools, microscopy equipment, and a comprehensive range of accessories and consumables, promptly.

Explore Metallography Canada and elevate your metallography capabilities with confidence.  Our dedication to quality, competitive pricing, and global shipping make us the go-to source for premium used metallography equipment.

Upgrade your laboratory with equipment you can trust – browse our inventory and experience the Metallography Canada advantage.

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